Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Classmate and Teacher Gifts - Crochet Basket Pattern

There's something special about giving handmade and homemade gifts away for Christmas. The extra time and work that is dedicated with someone special in mind makes the heart just a little more full.

My son's class was doing a gift exchange this year so we took the opportunity to make the gifts a little extra special.

For his classmates we made homemade crayons - melting down pieces into pretty snowflake molds. I loved watching him pick specific colors for certain classmates because they were their favorites. His thoughtfulness is one of the things I love most about him!

I took a little extra time to make a small crochet basket for his teacher. We filled it with a couple of things that we thought she would love - a scarf, leather-bound notebook, candle, and some extra supplies for the classroom. He said she absolutely loved it when she opened it!

I didn't follow a pattern for this basket but it was really simple to make. Here a rough pattern of my own:

Gift Basket Pattern

Start with a magic circle.

15 dc into the magic circle, sl st into top of first stitch.

*Turn, chain 2. 2 dc in each stitch around.

Repeat from * until you reach the size of the base (bottom) that you wish your basket to be.

*Turn, chain 2, dc in each stitch around.

Repeat from * until you reach the height that you wish your basket to be.

For the handles: continue to dc around until you reach the point where you want to start the first handle, chain out the length you'd like your handle to be then reattach with a slip stitch on your basket. (You're going to want to skip a few less stitches than the length of your chain so your handle sticks out a bit. See photo above.)

Chain 2, dc around to where you want your 2nd handle to start and repeat, chaining the same length that you did before. reattach with a sl st.

Chain 2, dc around, including up into each sc in your handle chain. You can either do this once to add a little bulk to your handles or do it several times to make your handles more 'built in'.

Sl st into the top of your first dc, finish off, and weave in ends.

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