Saturday, January 14, 2017

Messy Buns for DAYS

Ya'll have caught wind of this messy bun craze by now, right?

When I first asked if anyone would be interested in one, I had an entire list of people who were wanting to place orders. I can't say I blame them - the first one I made, I made for myself because I wanted to test out a pattern and it is lovely. I find myself throwing it on often when I don't want to do something with my hair during these cold winter days.

I still haven't perfected the pattern but once I do, I promise I will post it. It's ALMOST there.

I find the little addition of a flower or embellishment really dresses the plain beanie up and the fun colors are a real hit too. I think I'm going to get some bulky yarn next and try out a pattern for a more bulkier version. I've also been toying with the idea of an attachable pom-pom so that you can wear it with hair up or down. What say you?

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